Get Moments

Capture the
true emotion
of the moment
Capture the true emotion of the moment.

Let’s Create Some Special Moments

  • Get the most out of your event.
  • Share your own music and sports videos with fans around the world.
  • Created by humans, guided by AI, made to capture emotions.

The Power of Fans

The bond between bands & sports clubs and their fans is a strong one. The sense of belonging, of being part of a tribe, is unique and unbreakable.

Get Moments can make that bond even stronger by giving bands & clubs the tools to capture the magic of a live event and give fans their own personal memories.

What is Get Moments?

Get Moments is a platform for connecting music and sports events with their fans by creating personalized video cuts of an event, that can then be shared with their community of fans all over the world. It opens up a whole new world of financial, promotional and creative possibilities for artists, teams and organizers.

Fan UGC is not reaching its full potential

Fan UGC taken at events is powerful content that is already shared extensively across social media. But if only used in isolation for personal use, it can't reach its full impact.

Get the most out of UGC

What if artists, teams and event organizers could work together with their fans, combining multiple video sources, to create dynamic, high-quality, video cuts of an event? Then the full potential of the UGC could be captured, shared and monetized.

How does Get Moments work?


Catch the moment

Legally record the video content via the GM app.


Send the moment

Upload TBs in minutes


Compose the moment

Automatically edited and produced video from the event.


Tailor the moment

AI based video personalisation


Be part of the moment

Fans share the experience and become part of the inner circle, the family, the tribe.

How does it benefit you as an organizer or artist?

  • Event video

    The final video can be shared on social media, and used as a promo tool for the organizer or artists.

  • Branding

    Branding from partners or sponsors can be cut into the video.

  • Marketing

    This gives you powerful new options for post-event marketing and enables high-quality content on social media.

  • Stream

    Strong new revenue stream potential.

  • Control

    Improved control over royalty violations and illegal fan sharing.

How does it benefit Fans?

  • Personalized Video

    Fans who contributed UGC receive a personalized video in which the AI highlights their footage over other fans’ footage, so they and their friends have a one-of-a-kind video to share with the world.

  • Part of tribe

    By sharing their UGC with the team or artist, they get an even stronger sense of being part of the tribe.

Real Memories for
Real Fans

  • Share the Experience
  • Make memories
  • Get Moments

Get Moments Mission Statement

Get Moments AI

Get Moments brings cutting-edge visual AI technology to the music and sport industry to revolutionize the way fans share content with artists and teams, creating a radical new format of content on the market.

Personalized video

j The product gives a unique combination of professional audio and video footage with fan-made UGC - all mixed together by AI, providing endless options for personalization, editing and use.


Previously, creating content like this would have been prohibitively expensive and time-consuming. Get Moments is simple, fun, fast and affordable.

Maximize potential

Get Moments allows artists and organizers to maximize the potential of UGC and create stronger bonds with their fans.

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