Get Moments


Sport Fans

Let your fans be the stars, cheerleaders and reporters of your team. Capture the fun and energy of your event in a moment.

Every fan can receive their own personalized highlight video created from their photos and videos, mixed with other UGC and official footage.

Get the most out of UGC

Fan footage is spontaneous, engaging and real. Now you can capture the true authenticity of your event with full quality fan footage through the Get Moments mobile app

Get Moments AI can organize the content for you, making the editing process fast and easy (GIFs: fans celebrating, drinking, fans in jerseys, singing-mozaic)

Boost your reach

Thanks to the personalization in every video, fans will be more motivated than ever to share their unique moments.

Each fan becomes an ambassador of the moment and a micro-influencer combined.

Promote your team and event effectively to consolidate your fanbase and reach new audiences


A sponsor logo or brand message can be inserted at the beginning of the film for maximum impact.

Use fan's passion to give you an edge. Compared to other conventional ways of promoting highlights in the media, Get Moments puts power in the hands of fans and lets their enthusiasm do the promotion for you.

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