Get Moments


Music Fans

Let your fans be the stars, cheerleaders and reporters of your team. Capture the fun and energy of your event in a moment.

But not even a huge team of camera operators is able to record all these feelings effectively.

Now you can let the fans be the cameramen of your videos and create a whole new dimension of authentic energy and passion!

Whether you are a local band or big star, Get Moments is the ideal way for you, your fans and your sponsors to promote your music and capture the true emotion of the moment.

Get the most out of UGC

Concerts and music festivals are full of fans eager to record special moments to remind them of the event.

Taking pictures and videos comes naturally to fans. Now you can harness their authentic energy and enthusiasm to capture the emotion of the moment and share it with the world.

Your favourite songs can be immortalized with the passion of your fans.

Boost your reach

Thanks to the personalization of every video, fans will be more motivated than ever to share their unique moments.

Each fan becomes an ambassador of the moment and micro-influencer combined.

Promote your name and music effectively to consolidate your fanbase and reach new audiences.


A sponsor logo or brand message can be inserted at the beginning of the film for maximum impact.

Collaborate with your sponsors and partners by offering them space in the opening animation [gif/video examples] to create a powerful, cost-effective way of promoting your music and increasing awareness.

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